White or Colored Kitchen

White or Colored Kitchen

White or Colored Kitchen: Pros and Cons of Each Option

Do you prefer the purity of white or are you attracted to the color palette? Whether you’re planning a complete renovation or just a makeover for your kitchen, solving this dilemma is the first step. We look at all the advantages of both approaches so you can make an informed decision. Take note and create the perfect kitchen!

white or colored kitchen

A Ray of Light

White, a symbol of luminosity, has been a recurring choice in kitchens, especially the smallest ones. You can opt for a completely white style in furniture, fronts and countertops, and add warmth to wooden or cement floors, with details in contrasting colors such as black in handles and lamps. Appliances add a touch of color. As for countertops, you can choose between granite, compact quartz, porcelain or solid wood, ensuring their resistance to damage and ease of cleaning, ideally being antibacterial and water resistant.

They Better Hide that PendingThorough Cleaning

Colored kitchens offer superior resistance to daily wear and tear, especially if they opt for matte finishes that make cleaning easier. Functionality is added to aesthetics, with quality materials such as laminated doors, solid wood or lacquered, which ensure durability over time. Look at the photo: white subway tiles in the front and olive green furniture with black handles. A modern design with a retro touch, always attractive for everyday use.

El Palma

Breadth Where There is None

For interior kitchens with limited space, light or irregular distribution, white is the right choice. Although it won’t increase your physical size, its broader appearance will make it worth it. In this project, it is incorporated into a living room wall, which allows it to be perfectly camouflaged. White, smooth and matte finish handleless cabinets, along with stainless steel appliances, create the illusion of a small kitchen that is perceived as visually more spacious and aesthetically pleasing.

cocina blanca abierta al salon 3 Countertops Specialist

A Visible Border

Opting for dark tones in furniture, fronts and floors creates a sophisticated visual separation between spaces, making the kitchen a focal point in your home. However, lighting is key, especially in dark kitchens, like the one in the image. Careful lighting design is required, with recessed spotlights and LED strips under wall units. A comprehensive approach addresses all of these considerations from the beginning, ensuring a flawless result.

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