LED Lighting For Kitchens On Countertops

LED Lighting For Kitchens On Countertops

Lighting is vital in any part of the home, and of course in the kitchen too, not only for aesthetic reasons but for functionality: light helps us cook; enjoy the colours of the products; gain a feeling of spaciousness; highlight the tones of kitchen furniture and many other things.

Advantages of LED light bulbs for your kitchen

  1. They are efficient and therefore have low energy consumption.
  2. You will save on the electricity bill.
  3. They are easy to install.
  4. LEDs last longer than traditional light bulbs.
    They emit sharp and bright light.
  5. They are more resistant to shock or vibration.
  6. They emit little heat.
  7. They are ecological due to their components and the way they emit light.
  8. You can control the intensity of the light by remote control.
  9. LED lights can be focused.
  10. LED lighting allows for more colours.
  11. They are quieter.
  12. LEDs are safer and more stable.

LED lighting in kitchen countertops

Countertops are the work areas in the kitchen and, therefore, the ones that need the most light. Generally, the best option for these areas is LED lights. Why?

LED lights, as we have already repeated, do not heat up like other bulbs, thus avoiding passing heat while cooking, a prevalent problem in kitchens. In turn, LED lighting makes it easy to hide the cables to hide them from view and focus its light downwards, focusing the focus on the preparation area in the kitchen. Having direct light on this surface is the key.

iluminacion cocina led evacocina7

And the LED lighting for dark countertops?

If white has been a colour traditionally associated with kitchens, dark countertops are a trend. If the dark rules in your kitchen, at Countertops Specialist we recommend installing LED lights with white tones, clear and high-luminosity lighting, and very interesting contrast.

led lighting for kitchens

LED Lighting For Kitchen Ceilings

In the decision process to choose what type of LED lighting is going to be installed in the kitchen at each point or zone, it is necessary to place a central lighting point
– The light points must ensure that no shadows are generated
– For the ceiling, downlights, tubes or ceiling lights are the options, while LED strips and strips are complemented in the other areas of the kitchen.

How to illuminate white countertops with LEDs?

Traditionally, white has always been a colour linked to the kitchen. It provides cleanliness, luminosity, spaciousness and even elegance. If you choose a countertop for white kitchens, at Countertops Specialist we recommend using warm-toned LEDs, so it will combine with the “cold” that white transmits.

El Palma

LED lighting for kitchen cabinets.

LED lighting gives kitchen furniture a special aesthetic appeal and, obviously, more light when cooking and finding products and utensils. For example in cutlery trays

LED lighting under kitchen cabinets

Next, we will develop the most important use of LED lights, lighting countertops using LED lighting under kitchen cabinets.

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