Outdoor Kitchens

outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens have definitely become more than just a place to prepare food, a truly social space that is committed to the comfort of owners and guests: the hosts will keep your home cleaner, without odours or traces of their own preparation. of food, also, don’t you enjoy the natural light and the breeze while you prepare some delicious hamburgers, a barbecue, some cocktails or a bar of delicious chocolate? However, when reconditioning the terrace or garden to design an outdoor kitchen, several elements must be taken into account such as a sink, tables, chairs, barbecue or, the latest trends: bar-bar with high stools. From the design came the correct installation and combination of the elements together with the type of material, the vitality, durability and modernity of the kitchen.

Kitchen countertops should be selected carefully as this is the most used area and therefore most prone to scratches, high temperatures, spills, or stains. The selection in the case of outdoor kitchens must be more thorough because it adds to the wear and tear that can be caused by the sun, rain, humidity… Having a resistant and modern surface is also essential to make your outdoor kitchen a social space durable and exclusive.

At Countertops Specialist you will find specialists with extraordinary experience in the field, who are always at the customer’s service so that the design, style, and materials chosen are, in addition to being functional, innovative, aesthetic, and durable, adapted to the environment and of course to the staff.

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It is good to have a material that does not sacrifice any of these aspects: exclusive design, durability, and modernity. Granite enhances the trend for having durability characteristics, it is resistant to sun, rain and extreme heat, in addition, in terms of design there are countless models and colours since each stone is unique and unrepeatable thanks to the diversity of nature which becomes an excellent option to combine it with the environment and please the tastes. For its part, quartz also has great resistance and durability as well as multiple colours and finishes that allow it to easily adapt to open and semi-open spaces, preferably protecting it from sunlight to give it extraordinary durability and colour maintenance. Optimizing the available space with a kitchen with a professional and organized appearance is the trend, achieving it satisfactorily requires the guidance and work of experts and professionals.

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