Hoods for Kitchens With an Island

Transform Your Kitchen Island with Stylish Hoods

The Best Types Of Hoods For Kitchens With An Island

A range hood is an appliance installed in the ceiling above the kitchen island instead of on the wall. Its function is to extract smoke, grease, vapours and gases in suspension that emanate combustion. This prevents heat from concentrating in the kitchen, as well as odours.

Some models include odour filters made with activated carbon.


Island Hoods

These inverted T-shaped hoods are the most traditional and have a rectangular lining installed on the ceiling. They usually have a higher extraction power and may or may not have integrated LED lighting.

They come in a large number of sizes, although due to their design, they usually require large spaces. The characteristics terms of loudness, energy efficiency, and duration of the filters, among others, will depend on the model and the manufacturer.

Island Hanging Hoods

They are very attractive as instead of the robust body of an island hood, these models are suspended above the kitchen island by stainless steel braces, giving them the appearance of a ceiling light.

This type of hood is presented only with a recirculating (or filtered) system since they do not have a smoke outlet tube.

Hoods For Kitchens With An Island

Countertop Or Surface Hoods

The hob hoods can be installed in traditional kitchens and island or peninsula kitchens. In this case, they are integrated into the island countertop and are perfect if you do not want anything to get in the way of the ceiling.

How To Choose The Best Range Hood For Your Kitchen Island

Before choosing a hood model for your island kitchen it is necessary to know which one is best suited since the wrong choice can cause the appliance to present problems. Therefore, take these data into account:


  • Extraction Capacity
  • Range Hood Size
  • Extractor Hood Design
  • Installation Mode
  • Noise Level
  • Lighting Power
  • Brand And Price


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