Wallpaper in the Kitchen

Wallpaper in the Kitchen, a Practical Solution

Use the Power of Wallpaper in the Kitchen Design

In the hall, the bedroom, the dining room and even in the bathroom. Why not in the kitchen? It is an economic reform and without work! We teach you where to get trending designs and how to place it.

Wallpaper in the Kitchen

Responsible For The Style

As in any other room that is placed, the wallpaper has the virtue of being able to define the decorative style. It is capable of giving a more classic touch to a kitchen with a sober and modern style. The white and beige striped wallpaper replaces the tall cabinets and can show a more classic and warm appearance.

Hugging The Office

There are many kitchen walls that you can wallpaper. The office ones are one of the most common, since being an area where there is no water or heat, any model can be placed. In this office, the two walls that support the table and the seats have been covered, embracing the space.

painted paper 1
Wallpaper in the Kitchen

Perfect For Unifying Spaces

Another idea for decorating the kitchen with wallpaper is to turn it into a resource that acts as a unifier of spaces. In this kitchen, open to the dining room and, later, to the living room, the wallpaper acts as a transition between spaces: it begins in the kitchen (in fact, it shows off the same colours as the kitchen furniture) and ends in the dining room, giving movement and giving life to the wall and the decoration in neutral tones.

The Classic Touch

Medallion motifs are perfect. If you want to give your kitchen a sophisticated and elegant style. Another classic pattern that works very well – in addition to the traditional stripes – is the Toile de Jouy. It will look great in an office area or where you have the breakfast cabinet.

painted paper 5
painted paper 8

What To Take Into Account Before Installing It

It is a room cooking is done daily, and vapours and high levels of humidity, and grease are created, which causes the wallpaper to suffer more in the kitchen than in other rooms. It is essential to get it right a resistant model that will offer durability. If it is going to be placed in a kitchen area with a lot of natural light, it is also recommended to be of paper with high resistance to fading.

Which Wallpaper To Install In The Kitchen

Vinyl wallpaper is recommended since it incorporates a vinyl finish layer on its base, which can be textile or vinyl, which makes it more resistant and washable. It is easy to clean with a damp soapy cloth. The secret of this type of paper is its back, which prevents mould from proliferating on the wall despite the water vapour and condensation.

 It’s time to unleash your creativity and transform your kitchen into a stunning space that reflects your style. From adding beautiful wallpapers to updating your countertops, the possibilities are endless. To ensure a complete transformation, gain the expertise of Countertop Specialist, who can guide you in selecting the perfect countertops that not only elevate aesthetics but also provide functionality and durability.

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