Rustic and Modern Kitchens

The Best Rustic and Modern Kitchens

Rustic and Modern Kitchens

Among the options for decorating kitchens is the rustic style. This type of decoration and design responds to an evocation of rustic kitchens. By itself, the name identifies what we can expect from this decoration. Rustic is synonymous with peasant or country, of a purely rural stay, where natural materials abound.

Rustic decoration has more and more followers today as more and more people discover the elegance and warmth that this style of decoration has to offer us, and that is why we will show you some ways to decorate and design rustic kitchens.

Rustic and Modern Kitchens
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And of course, we can choose the one that best suits our taste and the environment we have because it must be said, some designs, although excellent in appearance, require space that we may not have, and others will exceed our budgets.

Rustic Wooden Kitchens

To begin to appreciate as one of the keys to achieving style, bet on natural materials such as wood. We would save a lot of work in decoration if the walls were made of this material and if the ceiling already had large old wooden beams.

Walls and Ceilings

If our walls and ceilings are simply concrete, this prevents us from achieving this style, since we can cover the wall with recycled planks or we be able to place some wooden beams on the ceiling to achieve the same vibrations.


If you live in a city and want to feel a little closer to nature, you can opt for a rustic decoration in one of the most necessary rooms in your home: the kitchen. A good way To give it a rustic touch is through furniture, whose material will be wood.

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Furniture with raised panels

Raised panel cabinets are an excellent option for a country look. They come in all colours and finishes, so they’re sure to match anyone in your favourite colour palette.

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Exposed Brick Wall

For a lovely rustic look, a brick wall is a perfect choice for the kitchen.

Rustic Tiled Kitchens

The fidelity to the natural materials of the rustic style is also revealed in its colour palette. Warm browns, neutrals, and mossy greens are a reflection of nature. However, you can lighten the look with lighter neutral finishes to create a brighter modern kitchen.

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