Kitchen Trends for 2023. Design Ideas

Kitchen Trends for 2023. Design Ideas

Kitchen Trends 2023. Professional Design Ideas

The hottest looks touch all corners of interior design – and kitchens are no exception! This means kitchens of the future hold a world of excitement to look forward to too! According to trend predictors, we’re moving into neutral territory with form taking center stage. But there is much more at Countertops Specialist we show you

Kitchen trends

Diaphanous Kitchens Open To The Living Room

Even though these types of open kitchens are not common (or were not), in 2022 we already saw how this trend was making its way into the decorative panorama of the moment. In 2023, interest will continue to increase in designing kitchens connected to the living room, dining room, or with light glass enclosures. When space is limited, leaving it open is a good option. Continuous flooring throughout the house and elegant and decorative kitchen furniture, with smooth fronts and no handles, are two keys to designing open kitchens.

Color kitchen

The Best Colours

Choose something bold – even a stronger shade or two can add depth and interest. The popularity of white kitchens is coming to an end. Lacquered surfaces will gain prominence shortly.

Pastel colours are very popular in modern kitchens because they create a bright and cheerful atmosphere. It contrasts well with black and can be combined with other colours such as different shades of wood, steel, white and black. The warmth of these tones immediately gives a feeling of welcome and harmony; luminosity is almost always guaranteed and the combination is mainly made with different shades of wood, from the lightest to the darkest, but also with steel, especially satin, and with white and black.

Kitchens With A Sustainable Spirit

 Sustainability is an essential aspect in the decoration of our houses and very particularly in the kitchen. Natural and ecological materials are sought, and their production process is respectful of the environment. In addition, technologies are incorporated into the kitchen to make the most of resources and consume less: taps that save water, efficient appliances, etc.

Office Spaces For Daily Eating

One of the trends that will improve in the coming months in terms of kitchen planning is office space. You don’t need big dining tables or lots of seating, just a corner with a wall-mounted table, a breakfast bar with stools, or a small space with a round table. The important thing is to have this corner that allows us to eat informally every day. To visually delimit it from the rest of the kitchen, resources such as wallpaper can be used, as you can see in the photograph. Opt for vinyl wallpaper, easy to clean, and don’t be afraid of stains.

Minimalist Style And Eco-Design

Minimalist kitchens are imposed, with essential elements and clean and pure lines, as they are integrated into the decoration of the rest of the home. Straight shapes with hidden handles and matte surfaces with anti-fingerprint treatment are the key.

Sustainable furniture and eco-design have been a trend that has been on the rise for some time and will gain even more weight, according to the AMC. For this reason, high-quality, durable materials that have been manufactured with non-polluting processes, such as certified wood, become important.

Black Faucets

They arrived with force a long time ago and did not plan to leave, at least for the moment. Black faucets turn out to be a very current trend in kitchen decoration. They are more original than the traditional stainless steel ones and are perfect for the most contemporary kitchens. In the kitchen in the image, the black taps, handles and lamps contrast with the white of the furniture and the marble-effect coating of the worktop and the wall.

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