Invisible Shower

Achieving an Illusion: Three Ways to Craft an Invisible Shower

By now, we’re all aware of how showers can visually expand a room. However, there’s more to be done to enhance that sense of spaciousness. Consider, for instance, embracing ‘invisible’ showers—subtle, seamless additions that effortlessly blend into the visual uniformity of your bathroom. These showers discreetly exist, fostering a seamless integration of this area with the rest of your bath space. Wondering how to achieve this effect? Here are three ways to craft an ‘invisible’ shower at home

invisible shower

Sleek, Invisible Showers: Merging Form and Function

Consider a shower seamlessly blending into your space, encompassing wall to wall, flush with the floor, and adorned with the same flooring as the rest of your room. This architectural marvel, known as a built-in shower, erases traditional barriers, echoing the aesthetics of Roman baths and classical antiquity. However, it requires a professionally inclined floor for proper drainage. Opt for materials with anti-slip properties and consult suppliers for tailored recommendations suitable for this unique project

Seamless Sophistication: Extra-Slim Resin Shower Trays

Discover the elegance of extra-slim resin shower trays, a perfect choice for seamlessly integrating showers within your space. These trays, installed either flush with the floor or surface-mounted, eliminate architectural barriers while offering durability and safety features like anti-slip coatings. With a diverse range of colors and adaptable dimensions, they effortlessly merge with existing tiling and fit various spaces. Functionally, they create an almost invisible effect, removing the raised edges of traditional trays for a sophisticated, uninterrupted aesthetic.

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Invisible showers transform bathrooms into fluid and elegant spaces, fusing design and functionality.

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invisible shower

Invisible Elegance: Choosing the Right Shower Enclosure

Crafting an “invisible” shower often hinges on the shower enclosure. To achieve this effect, avoid heavily framed enclosures, favouring sleek, transparent glass models instead. Fixed glass panels or sliding enclosures with minimal framing work wonders, allowing your shower to harmonize with its surroundings. While it may not render the shower entirely invisible, it facilitates better integration of the shower tray within the overall space.

Discover how the subtlety of marble, the resistance of granite and the elegance of natural stones are perfectly integrated into invisible showers. Find quality and beauty in every detail with Countertop Specialist.

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