How to Design a Terrace with Plants

4 ways how to Design a Terrace with Plants and seating area.

All the Best Keys to Designing a Terrace with Plants and a Seating Area

A terrace is a valuable treasure. This is a certainty that we all already know and has become clear in recent years. Therefore, if you are one of the lucky ones who enjoy a terrace at home, now is the time to give it the importance it has. Get to work and plan this outdoor space to get the most out of it as soon as the good weather arrives.

Designing a terrace is a task that includes different phases. The first is to think about what we want and need in our outer space.

It’s necessary to take into account the characteristics of each terrace.
The square meters that the terrace has will be decisive.
Take into account the pavement of the terrace. The type of floor, as a general rule, is porcelain. Countertops Specialist can help you whit that
Analyze the way the terrace connects with the interior of the house. Can you see it from the living room? Is there some continuity between the two areas?


4 ways how to design a terrace

A Space to Suit You

Now is the time to clarify what you want on your terrace and what you need from it. This is determined in part by the size and square footage of the space. If it is small, the chances will decrease.

Outdoor spaces such as dining rooms and small “lounges” are more enjoyable if sheltered from the wind, as they will lengthen the time to use.

A piece of advice: to take into account the sun. The terrace needs sun protection if you want to use the seating areas when summer comes, awnings, umbrellas or a pergola. How about climbing plants that provide pleasant shade on the terrace?

Start by Drawing a Plan for your Terrace

The first is to draw a plan that defines all the elements you to include on the terrace.

It is essential to assess the shape and extent of the space and draw a plan to scale. Mark all the existing elements in the drawing, from doors and windows to walls, railings, etc. Mark the water outlets, plugs, drains, etc.

Analyze the views of your terrace: which areas do you want to enhance, and which areas its better to hide? Now is the time to think about decorative aspects such as the materials and the colour palette you can use: the wall covering, the type and style of outdoor furniture, lighting, etc.

4 ways how to design a terrace

Establishes the Distribution of theTerrace

It is essential to follow guidelines when planning the distribution of space.

– Begin by defining each area of your terrace on the plan. There must be enough space between the different elements to guarantee fluid circulation between them

– Outdoor furniture. These types of elements increase the possibilities of using your terrace. Choose the most suitable materials, models and options for the specific space.

– Ten in mind the views. Not only those are seen from the terrace but also the interior. You can hide what you don’t want to be seen.

Plants are the Center of Everything

Outdoor spaces offer the perfect environment for growing plants. Depending on the area available and the climate, you can cultivate some species or others and more or fewer specimens.

In any case, you have many species that grow wonderfully in containers. Pots and planters can become the key to turning your terrace into an orchard.

As a general recommendation, you should account for the characteristics of your terrace: the space it has, the orientation, the climate, etc.

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