Quartz is one of the hardest minerals that we can find in nature and that is why these countertops are so resistant and durable and are highly recommended in the kitchen.


Quartz is a marriage of a natural mineral and modern technology. The natural mineral quartz is, by itself, not much more than a sandy powder. Bonded together with manmade polymers, it becomes a highly durable countertop selection with the sparkling beauty of a natural looking stone and the wherewithal to hold up in the kitchen.

As a manmade product, it can also be produced in a variety of colors to meet the demand for the most popular looks – it is even available in options that look like granite and marble.

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We can help you source The Best Quartz Countertop for your new kitchen, bath or bar countertop. Our online catalogue is designed to help you find Quartz slab colours you like before purchasing.

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Asked Questions

Clean the quartz countertop with a soft cloth and warm water. Dry it with another soft cloth. Water is all you need for a daily light cleanse. Fill the sink with hot water and add a few drops of mild dishwashing soap, stone soap, or white vinegar if the counter needs a deeper clean.

Generally, it is very heat resistant, but it depends on “how hot” an object is. A tea kettle or a hot dish out of the microwave is typically not a threat but a 450° pot from the oven can cause damage. However, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry, so we recommend the use of a hot pad. make sure that your cabinets can carry the weight of the granite slab you choose.

Under normal use, it is unlikely that it will chip. The edges are more susceptible to chipping than the middle of the surface, so if you struck with enough force (e.g., a heavy pot) a chip can occur. Such occurrences are not covered by any manufacturers warranty, but are usually repairable, depending on the size of the chip. year for the best protection and performance.

It is not recommended to cut on stone surfaces. Though they are very durable and can take the abuse of a knife cutting on the surface, the best practice is to prevent any damage to the countertops or your knives and use a cutting board.

There is very little maintenance required after install. It is non-porous and never needs to be chemically treated or sealed. Mild soap and warm water is always the best method to maintain your beautiful new countertops.

Just like a diamond, the value of it increases with the clarity of the stone. When it is cloudy or contains hints of blue, pink or yellow can cause countertops to have discolored patches or uneven color and depth. That’s why the Cambria and Hanstone brands rigorously test all of its products to ensure purity and clarity. Countertops Specialist will not charge you the full slabs price. Plus, we will fabricate your granite countertops for free and add any modifications you like.