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When choosing a countertop for your kitchen, there are a lot of factors to consider. This is a list of popular questions that many people have when starting a kitchen, bath, or other project. Please note that every project, house, and customer is unique and there may not be one right answer to every question. Please contact us for specific answers to any questions that you might have.

Quartz resists 65 degrees, which means that you should not put a hot pot directly on it. Granite resists this heat, however, the use of a trivet is always recommended.

For best results sealer should be re-applied every 12-18 months.

It is possible, most chips occur with impact of a heavy object.  Chips are easily fixed.  If it is a big chip, try to keep the piece.

There is very little maintenance required after install. It is non-porous and never needs to be chemically treated or sealed. Mild soap and warm water is always the best method to maintain your beautiful new countertops.

We strongly recommend that you DO NOT try to repair your countertop yourself for several reason. Stone is unforgiving and can lead to breaking or damaging the stone. To get a tight seam it is recommended that you contact us.

We fabricate our tops from one of the thickest slabs available. They are designated 3CM (centimeters), which is approximately 1 1/8″ inches. This thickness provides optimal aesthetics and durability.

The largest tops are digitally optimized from the slab first. The remaining stone is often able to be cut for vanities, utility rooms, sills, etc.

We have an inventory of remnants, which can be used for a smaller project without the cost of purchasing a full slab.

It will depend on the size of the project mainly, but in an estimated 3 weeks after choosing the design and materials

Our Services

We manufacture and install countertops, without intermediaries with very high quality standards. Our response time is among the fastest in the industry.


Granite is a natural stone material - hard and durable. It never needs replacing as it will retain its original look for a lifetime.


Quartz is one of the hardest minerals that we can find in nature and that is why these countertops are so resistant and durable.


Mable is a delicate and glamorous material, whose elegance and unique designs stand out from the average.